Rock Climb:Behind The Times 5.13cR

I named my company “Behind The Times Furniture” after a rock climb that I established.

 I completed the first ascent of this rock climb on the lead, in the summer of 1999, one month before I married my wife Karen. She was belaying me during these pictures. The climb has still not been repeated to my knowledge, even on a top-rope.



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Rock Climb In The Black Hills Of South Dakota

I have been drawn to the mountains my entire life, a wonderful passion and gift given to me by my father. My first big mountain backpacking trip was with my father and brothers when  I was 12 years old. The place was a remote area of the Sierra Nevada mountains, famous for Yosemite National Park. I never came fully back from there and have been returning to places like that ever since, going deeper and longer into them, and places in myself.

I started rock climbing in September of 1984, it was the natural progression for me from years of backpacking and a deep love of the mountains. I named this climb: “Behind The Times” because of the traditional style that I have maintained as I climb and establish routes. I have since named my custom furniture business after this climb because I haven’t changed the quality and style that I use to build furniture as the standards of quality have changed through the times. I consider being able to complete this rock climb on the lead to be amoung my most difficult and fulfilling achievements in rock climbing. I was only able to do it once and will probably never be able to repeat those conditions again. I have less hair now, but no less life in me. I continue to gain similar fulfillments by digging down that deep and trying that hard with the other aspects of my life. I define my own standards, not limited to what has been established as acceptable by others.  When I do something, I spend the time and energy to do it very well.

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