I Build Functional Art Furniture

   My name is Eric Sutton. I have been working with wood since 1982, and building wooden furniture since 1993.Wood expands and contracts through the seasons, like it is still breathing, long after it is no longer a tree. When building long lasting, solid wood furniture the builder must know how take this into consideration. 

Eric Sutton

I seek out hard to acquire materials for their unique characteristics, for the sole purpose of expressing and maintaining those traits in the furniture I build.

I draw up my furniture designs by hand on a drafting board, and build heirloom quality, one of a kind, pieces of functional art. 

I work with essentially any kind of wood, and often use hand tools instead of power tools when I can.

I work with leather and some metals. I prefer buffalo, brass, and copper.

I build using fine old-fashioned jointery such as mortise and tenon, and dovetail joints secured together with wooden pegs or dowels. My furniture fits tightly together like a puzzle before I glue it.

I use many different finishes including tung oil, lacquer, oil based stains, and natural waxes. I mix many of my own finishes, and tint them myself.

I pay special attention to the small details as I custom design and build each of your pieces to fit within your intended setting and environment.

 I take pride in what I build for you, and you will too.


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